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Yealink PSTN Box CPN10


Used in combination with CP860/CP920/CP960/CP925/CP965/T67LTE/VP59/T58A/T58W/T57W/T54W/T53W/T53

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Used in combination with CP860/CP920/CP960/CP925/CP965/T67LTE/VP59/T58A/T58W/T57W/T54W/T53W/T53, CPN10, as a new product designed by Yealink, is a PSTN box to meet the demands in some countries and areas which are still using the public switched telephone network (PSTN). With this CPN10, Yealink CP860/CP920/CP960/CP925/CP965/T67LTE/VP59/T58A/T58W/T57W/T54W/T53W/T53 can support both the IP call based on SIP protocol and PSTN. With one PSTN cable in your meeting room or office, you can easily connect CPN10 with Yealink professional conference phone CP860/CP920/CP960/CP925/CP965 or desk IP phone T67LTE/VP59/T58A/T58W/T57W/T54W/T53W/T53 and start up your local three-way conference. Meanwhile, with the HD audio quality, full-duplex technology, acoustic echo canceling technology as well as its rich call handling features, such as USB call recording, linkage to mobile phones, you can enjoy the communication with excellent speech quality.

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